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Antithesis is used in writing or speech either as a proposition that contrasts with or reverses some previously mentioned Antithesis can be defined as "a figure of.

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With around different part numbers stored in warehouse space of approximately m2 and for over 25 million order lines per year, service market logistics delivers value over 25 BSEK per year. But due to unreliable receiving lead times at the central warehouse in Gent and late binning, material management of service market logistics is facing issues regarding availability percentage losses, which is the main KPI followed within Volvo. While there can be several reasons for this problem, it is important to investigate about the key issues that are causing delays of receiving service parts at central warehouse in Gent.

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Suitable background Supply chain management, Logicstics and Transport management Description of thesis work The purpose of the project is to investigate the causes of deviation in receiving lead times from the expected lead times, once service parts are at or near warehouse premises at central warehouse by mainly focusing on warehouse operations. Investigations would be carried out to identify if this deviation follows any pattern or for which parts deviations are most and the underlying reasons behind these.

What impact does this deviation has on the successive links of the supply chain would also be investigated.

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Suitable background Industrial management, mechanical engineering, automation, mechatronics Description of thesis work The project's goal is to highligh the industrial problem that exists today regarding collaboration in early equipment acquisition Master thesis - Uniso - Azelio Nya. Einride cultivates close relationships with academia and welcomes a limited number of interns and Master students writing their thesis Master Thesis - Machine Learning Nya.

Bookkeeping, finances and business administration are our focus Thesis Work Vehicle Cybersecurity Nya. Thesis Work Vehicle Cybersecurity Let's create the future together.

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At Volvo Cars, we believe that being curious and truly committed to understanding people is the key to future success. We are people who care about other people, working together to create new Thesis work:Surface treatment. Want to join us?

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About this thesis This thesis will be carried out at the Surface treatment department, which is part of Volvo car Group Product Creation and Quality Thesis work: Vehicle Hold. Thesis work: Vehicle Hold Let's create the future together. We are people who care about other people, working together to create new technologies Thesis Work: Connected Tyre. Thesis Work: Connected Tyre Let's create the future together.

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Master Thesis - Semi-supervised learning Nya. The goal of this thesis project is to improve the accuracy of one or more of these tasks by making use of unlabelled data in the training process. At a conceptual Master thesis: Virtual power plant Nya. Solvina is searching for a master thesis student to perform the above stated thesis. We are people who care about other people, working together to create Master Thesis - Continuous Integration simulator Nya. Thesis Exterior Design Nya.

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