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Antithesis is used in writing or speech either as a proposition that contrasts with or reverses some previously mentioned Antithesis can be defined as "a figure of.

In the cross-sectional study three handwriting tasks normal composition,. Firstly, the results showed that, there are underlying higher order dimensions of handwriting that emerge from some of the individual features.

Secondly, across all tasks, the variability of handwriting increased from the younger children and peaked at about years old and then decreased. Within this general trend, there was also evidence that writing faster than normal led to increased variability in letter formation for younger children, but reduced variability for older children.

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Thirdly, some individualisation was present even in the youngest children, but the extent of this increased such that by late adolescence it was nearly almost complete. In the longitudinal study handwriting samples from a smaller number of children were obtained over three years.

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The findings were similar to those obtained in the cross-sectional study. The implications of this for handwriting acquisition in particular and skill acquisition in general are considered. The main problem faced by Epromode Sdn Bhd is the speed and efficiency of main branch to update project status in different branches, especially promoter hired status for each project. Besides that, it is too much paper work in the current manual system that increases the cost of material resources as well as cost of human resources if too much overtime working hours by staff.

The objectives are to create JAMS are to develop a computerized and efficient management system to replace their current system. Besides that, it is used to keep information of projects and human resources of Epromode Sdn Bhd in a more manageable way, in order to reduce problems that might occur from human error when done manually. JAMS have four types of user, which are administrator, supervisor, promoter, and applicant. All the information is stored in database and can be accessed by using web browser or Android application through internet connection.

When a supervisor is outstation, Android application provides a fast access way instead of using web browser in the phone. Data dalam sistem boleh diakses melalui pelayar web di pasaran atau Android aplikasi yang khas untuk JAMS. Ia adalah satu perisian untuk menyelesaikan masalah pengurusan projek serta pengurusan sumber manusia di Epromode Sdn Bhd.

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Masalah utama yang dihadapi oleh Epromode Sdn Bhd adalah kelajuan dan kecekapan cawangan utama untuk mengemaskini status projek di cawangancawangan yang lain, terutamanya status mengupah promoter bagi setiap projek. Selain itu, sistem manual yang digunakan sekarang memerlukan kertas kerja yang banyak, ini akan meningkatkan kos sumber bahan serta kos sumber manusia jika kakitangan terlalu banyak berkerja lebih masa.

Objektif membuat JAMS adalah untuk menwujudkan sistem pengurusan berkomputer dan bercekapan untuk menggantikan sistem manual yang digunakan sekarang. Selain itu, JAMS digunakan untuk menyimpan maklumatmaklumat projek dan sumber manusia Epromode Sdn Bhd dengan cara yang lebih terurus, dan ini dapat mengurangkan masalah yang mungkin berlaku daripada kesilapan manusia apabila diuruskan secara manual. JAMS mempunyai empat jenis pengguna, iaitu pentadbir, penyelia, promoter, dan pemohon. Semua maklumat adalah disimpan dalam pangkalan data dan boleh diakses dengan menggunakan pelayar web atau aplikasi Android melalui internet.

Apabila penyelia di luar pejabat, aplikasi Android adalah cara akses yang lebih cepat berbanding denagan menggunakan pelayar web di dalam telefon. JAMS is developed for job agent for the purpose of making management process become more systematic, efficient and secure. It is use for replace current manual system that brings some problem to management of company.

A software solution may include systems that help a company and business to increase productivity, reduce redundancies, and boost efficiency. There are many types of software solution in the market, such as web application, mobile application, and standalone application. Web application is using web browser over the internet [9]. It allows user to interact with the server, for example, survey, purchase products, send and receive [16]. Moreover, some new technologies like AJAX technology makes web application become more powerful [38]. Besides that, with mobile technology today, interaction with the server not only can be done by web browser, but mobile devices [3].

Mobile device is more flexible compared to computer or laptop [4].

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Instead of using browser, mobile device can interact with the server using their own mobile application [7]. Compare to web browser, mobile application provides a way which faster access to system [17]. Smart phone like Android are widely used among people [20].

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It makes mobile phones and tablets become a trend in business field [29]. Thus, such is the reason of the development of this system. This system, called Job Agent Management System JAMS is developed for job agent for the purpose of making management process become more systematic, efficient and secure. Epromode Sdn Bhd is a job agent company for promoter jobs. The main business in this company is handling promotion project from their clients and matches promoter to the promotion project.

There are variants types of promotion projects in their business, such as road show, fair, and sampling at shopping mall. Epromode Sdn Bhd has branches in various locations and each branch has executive and supervisor to handler project. If promoter has no experience for a project, a training session will be given by supervisor.

The current system used by Epromode Sdn Bhd is manual systems that use paperwork to record their promoter s profile information and training appointment. All new projects and jobs will be informed to supervisors in different location through or phone call. Therefore, there is no well documented data to manage all these projects, jobs and promoters profile.

The main problem face by Epromode Sdn Bhd is the speed and efficiency of main branch to update project status in different location, especially promoter hired status for each project.

Epromode Sdn Bhd have more than ten branches, manager can only obtain the latest project status, especially the status of employed promoter for each project, by phone call or from supervisor in different location one by one. This makes staff in main branch spend considerable amount of time updating the entire project status. Besides that, in Epromode Sdn Bhd, a supervisor may handle more than ten 10 projects per week. This requires a lot of paperwork by the supervisor, especially in the peak time of promotion, New Year celebration, Hari Raya and school holiday. Too much paper work increase the material resources cost as well as human resources cost if too much overtime working hours by supervisor. Besides, it is use to keep information of projects and human resources of Epromode Sdn Bhd in a more manageable way, in order to reduce problems that might occur from human error when done manually.

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The target users of this system are Epromode administrators, supervisors, promoters, and applicants. This system is a web based application, and it is an Android application for supervisors. Web based application contains of seven 7 modules which are applicant, vacancy, project, system administration, training appointment, user, and search module. For Android application, there are six 6 modules which are vacancy, project, training appointment, user, SMS, and call module. For the webbased application system, it is an internet online system. Anyone can visit, view vacancy, and apply job.

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No registration is needed. However, administrator, supervisor, and promoter need to be registered by administrator first and log in to the system to manage their information. For Android application, it is specially developed for supervisor Epromode Sdn Bhd.