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Antithesis is used in writing or speech either as a proposition that contrasts with or reverses some previously mentioned Antithesis can be defined as "a figure of.

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Your search returned over Should Surrogate Motherhood be Allowed?. Essay - Surrogate Motherhood is when one women carries to term the fertilized egg of another woman.. She wished she had never become a surrogate mother. Surrogacy should be illegal because it does not respect the rights of the surrogate mother and is very similar to.

Essay: Issues of Surrogate Parenting. Through surrogate motherhood, Doctrines fitted to other circumstances should not be allowed to bar the legality or At a glance, surrogacy seems like an attractive alternative as a poor surrogate mother gets very much needed money, an. Posted by Surrogate Motherhood is when one women carries to term the fertilized egg Surrogate Motherhood Essay Examples.. Surrogate motherhood essay. This article contends that commercial surrogacy should not be allowed based on Babylonian law and custom allowed this practice and infertile mother and declared contracts for surrogate motherhood should we be concerned about Even though many people believe that surrogacy should be legalized surrogacy a woman is allowed to receive monetary in surrogate motherhood, Access to over , complete essays Who has the rights to the child in this awful situation?

Surrogate parenting is a wonderful alternative for infertile couples as long as all parties involved are educated on the subject and are fully aware of the pros and cons of this risky business transaction. Increasing numbers of surrogate custody cases are finding their way into the courtrooms.

The most dramatic problem arises when the surrogate mother decides she wants to keep the baby. Whether she decides early or late in the pregnancy, at birth, or after the child is born, the ultimate issue is whether she or the infertile couple have parental rights. How is the law to respond to this kind of problem? Normally people would agree that a contract is a contract and therefore the infertile couple should be the ones to receive the baby.

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Unfortunately for some of us more sympathetic people this decision is not that simple. By changing her mind the surrogate mother is showing maternal feelings that are surely not reprehensible.

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Although she has promised to give up the baby her change of heart seems more understandable than dishonorable. After all how can a woman truly be expected to know how it will feel to give birth to a child and then have to give it up?

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Instead of deciding surrogacy issues on the basis of the law and policy of the states, judges could look for guidance from the U. Constitutional arguments can be made on both sides of the classic surrogacy dispute involving the mother who changes her mind about giving up her child. Resolution of the constitutional issues will depend ultimately upon assessing and weighing the various factors at stake. Whitehead was a twenty-nine year old house wife. She already had two children, and decided she would be the surrogate mother for a couple by the name of Mr.

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William and Elizabeth Stern. The Sterns were 40 and 41 years old. They had been married for 12 years and were childless.

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Stern had a mild case of multiple sclerosis and was unable to bare any children. Although Whitehead promised in the contract that she would form no bond with the baby, she knew in the delivery room she could not give up her child. Whitehead ended up kidnapping the new born.

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The case proceeded to a much-publicized trial entailing six weeks of testimony and half a million dollars in legal bills. Unfortunately many surrogate agreements end with a tragic conclusion similar to this one. After birth, she has detach herself from a child, which may cause negative consequences on the health Glannon, The third consideration applies to identity of the child. Informing a child of his or her surrogate mother may have an impact on self-identity. It is expected that the intended parents will reimburse the surrogate mother for her medical and other related expenses.

When it comes to direct compensation under the contract, surrogate mother gets nothing if the contract is not fulfilled or she receives partial payment if the pregnancy results in a miscarriage.

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If remuneration is out of order, it may be considered as baby selling reproductive prostitution, baby trade, selling body by the pregnant woman. Surrogacy should be considered as an ethically acceptable and altruistic act for helping infertile couples if all ethical standards are practiced. Glannon, Walter. Biomedical Ethics. Oxford university press,