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Antithesis is used in writing or speech either as a proposition that contrasts with or reverses some previously mentioned Antithesis can be defined as "a figure of.

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This year no one will be bored, no one will be sad because there will be something for everyone. This is the list of the most important and biggest leisure events we prepared this year:. Beginning with rock, jazz, pop and ending with hip-hop and metal.

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There are also going to present new bands which were created among our students. Everything is for free and everyone is invited.

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It is very important so that everyone during the sport festival play sports and encourage them to go in for sports every day. There will be table tennis, basketball, streetball and badminton.

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Yet the main competition will be the 3km run where every student regardless of age can participate. There will be a special tent with the floor and DJ where the dance competitions will be held. The more people will participate the more and better leisure events will take place next year. If there were no competition to bring out the best in us, no one would succeed in life.

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All people would be at the same level. There would be no such word as "best. We could still be using a candle for light, because it would be sufficient. There would be no need to invent electricity, because no one would want to compete to invent something better than a candle.

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Other inventions, such as the telephone and computer, may also have never been invented. If there were no competition to better technology, letters would be the most efficient way of communicating and the Internet wouldn't even exist.

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Competition comes from many areas. Children first learn of competition by watching and listening to their parents.

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Parents always want their children to succeed and be the best at all they do. They often reward the kids for doing a good job.

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Some parents give money for A's on report cards, and some reward children by buying them a gift. Coaches also push competition by encouraging the team members to practice in order to be the best that they can and win. Competition can also come from oneself. People often push themselves to be successful. They set goals and work toward them.