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Antithesis is used in writing or speech either as a proposition that contrasts with or reverses some previously mentioned Antithesis can be defined as "a figure of.

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Oh, God, Bill. The bear had him. Still she climbed, seeing nothing but sparklers of pain in her head. He shrieked at her from the dark below. She did not—could not—respond. This is the viewpoint of a woman in panic and pain. When she looks into the darkness, she sees only sparklers. The pine limbs now bent like those of a Christmas tree.

A fresh breeze chilled her skin.

All she could hear was snorting and thrashing. She put a hand to her mouth. She thought she might scream but nothing came out of her mouth.

Fear of attracting the bear kept her quiet. The pitch on her hand glued her lips shut. And, yes, the shame. That silenced her, too. The thin limbs bending and the fresh breeze tells us Rhonda has climbed high into the tree.

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In the comments, rewrite the following sentence into a more imagery-rich one using one or more the techniques described above. The ancient floorboards creaked beneath her cold, bare feet as she paced the room apprehensively. The ceiling seemed to loom overhead, arching higher and higher as the rain pounded down on it.

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The floorboards creaked in protest, yet he still plodded on, unbothered. She followed, marking where he stepped with her eyes.

Abandoned Places

Each step she took was carefully placed right where his had been, in a methodical sort of way. The cold seemed to seep up through the floor, up into her bare feet.

It slithered in through the seams of even the best jackets, including her own. You must be logged in to post a comment. We trust their judgement and may decide to read a book or watch a film because they persuade us to do so. All reviews share a number of different purposes.

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For example, a film review needs:. The audience of a review varies - this depends on where it is published. The audience might be specific or general. For example, a specialist computer games magazine will assume their readers have a major interest in gaming and an understanding of specialist terminology , such as spawning and simulator. However, a review of a game in a national newspaper, with a much wider audience, would need to simplify the language or explain the terms.

Reviews of popular new books and films aim to reach nationwide audiences - but a local newspaper will review a performance at their own theatre, aimed at local readers. This is a review of the film The Golden Compass. The Golden Compass. Reviewed by Stella Papamichael. Free will is the object of the game in The Golden Compass , a big budget exercise in orienteering where witches and polar bears point the way to enlightenment. You'll have to look between the CG seams to find the original intent of Philip Pullman's atheistic novel, but this isn't the overriding problem.

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Thank goodness for the star presence of Dakota Blue Richards. She is thoroughly engaging as Lyra, a young girl singled out in prophecy as 'the one' to save all others from some awful yet indeterminate fate. It all sounds a bit messianic really, except that organised religion, represented by The Magisterium, is a force for evil. Nicole Kidman does the ominous eyebrow lifting as a guardian of the establishment who kidnaps children to wrest them from their 'daemons' the animal sidekicks who embody their better judgment.

Among the abductees is Lyra's best friend, and so begins the voyage north to find him.

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Many questions raised. Daniel Craig has little to do as Lyra's scientifically minded uncle except hint at potential sequels. The draw is in a simple story of friendship and Lyra's journey of self-discovery.