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The University of Debrecen is a research university with almost 30, students and 1, instructors - one of Want to know more about Chemical Engineering, BSc? Fill out the following form and we'll pass your details on to a representative from the school, who will respond to your enquiry. Planning on studying a Master's degree in Europe?

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Master by Research in Chemical Engineering, 120 Credits

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Chemical and Process Engineering Final year projects 2017

Application deadline: 15th June. Request information Visit program webpage. Program description. Through the interaction of light and matter, you will study multiple spatial and temporal scale molecular systems.

Master's of Science in Chemical Engineering

In the laboratory, you will make base molecules react with each other in order to develop structures possessing specific properties. You will also develop catalytic processes for carrying out selective reactions. Finally, perhaps you will design new processes for converting and storing energy. A training that pairs in-depth scientific knowledge and engineering science is necessary for anyone wanting to specialize in industrial production.

As an EPFL chemical engineer, you will receive solid training in molecular chemistry and biology. You will additionally be able to design and implement large-scale productions using physics, chemical, and biotechnological processes. During the 1 st year, classes concentrate on the basics of chemistry and biochemistry, as well as on the tools of mathematics and physics. During the 2 nd and 3 rd years, you will tackle more specific subjects such as organic reactions, physical chemistry, coordination chemistry, and analytic methods.

Theses - Dept. of Chemical Engineering

The final year includes optional modules which will enable you to deepen your knowledge of different fields such as synthesis, biochemistry, modeling, and chemical engineering, and to prepare for the MSc program of your choice. The program places great importance on practical work: throughout your studies, at least one day a week is set aside for laboratory work or projects.

Program presentation

This MSc leads to the title of chemist and is designed for those going into research. It offers a huge range of specialized modules in the different fields of chemistry analytical, biological, computational, inorganic, organic, physical, etc. It includes classes focusing on separation and reaction techniques, the development of processes, polymers, biotechnology, and management. A further component is a business internship. Other programs are also open to you after successfully completing the BSc, some interdisciplinary MSc programs in particular. Choosing the MSc in Chemistry means that your professional work will focus mainly on research and analysis.

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Given the scope of the field, the majority of chemists specialize by carrying out doctoral work. You will then have the option of joining a research group at EPFL or another university throughout the world. Once you have completed your PhD, you can pursue a career in academic or industrial research, working on topics such as life-related chemistry pharmacology, cosmetology, agrifood, phytosanitary , green chemistry or the functionalization of matter materials, energy, and nanochemistry.

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  • If you opt for an MSc in Chemical Engineering, whether or not you go on to do a PhD, your work environment will be more within a company, within which you will develop new technology, design production units, and manage projects. After several years of experience, an engineering career in industry often concentrates on leadership and management tasks. When I graduated, I decided to do a PhD in this field before looking for a job. Today, I work for a company that develops vaccines and therapies against central nervous system diseases, like Alzheimer diseases.

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    • My job is to develop analytical methods to identify and quantify the compounds that are in our products — vaccines, antibodies and small molecules; all of them could possibly prevent or cure these diseases. When the methods are developed, they are used to measure and analyze products and make sure that they comply with the specifications. It can be products that are almost ready to be tested in clinical phase, or products that are still at the research stage.