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This is not a source for buying your PhD dissertation. This website is for PhD candidates who are working on their project and need helpful prompts. Urban Agriculture e. Future of Agriculture 3. Biomass power plant b. Roof Garden c. Aquaponic Farming d. Sustainable Environment e. Vertical Housing Development 4.

Farm Management Services b. Self-sustaining agricultural amenities c. Waste management d. Tourism e.


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Leisure and Recreation 5. Hydroponic Farming c. Eco-friendly Environment d. Waste Recycling and Composting e. Designing buildings is influencing the design process for solving problems in society. Design as a political policy is what happening. Architecture must have a bridge connected to public policy. Fifth Year Architecture Thesis. Madis Pihlak. Integral to my efforts were my colleagues and classmates in architecture for providing a comforting yet competitive spirit in studio, giving excellent and honest feedback, and keeping me on track when it seemed hard to push forward.

My professor and advisor Madis Pihlak for always challenging me and my design so that it would never be a safe thesis proposal. To each and every juror and reviewer who critically analyzed my efforts and products, thank you for giving a fresh point of view to my project even after I gave it my all. Thank you especially to my roommates, Jeremy, John, and Brett for not letting architecture pervade our everyday lives back at the apartment.

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Many thanks to my girlfriend Taylor for keeping me motivated when I thought there was no point to move forward in my project, and for helping construct tiny fences, trees, and decks for my seemingly ininite site models. But most thanks to my family, and friends back home, who introduced me and share my passion with skiing and the wonderful landscape of mountains.

Without any of these people, this thesis would not have been possible.

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  6. Mountain resorts are becoming ever more proliic across the world; from historical villages in Europe, to destination resorts in the Rockies, to brand new mega-resorts in China; the mountain sport industry is more popular than ever. However, the large resort corporations that now dominate mountain landscapes sideline the connection to their surroundings for increased proits, larger trails, and more invasive infrastructure.

    Synonymous with skiing, the town of Aspen has long been on the forefront of resort design, village community life, and environmental stewardship. The nearby Snowmass Mountain is an all-around diverse mountain in terms of terrain and amenities. While Snowmass boasts a unique on-slope village relationship - extending halfway up the mountain - there remains disconnect between people and their surroundings.

    This physical and spiritual divorce from the landscape stems from a fundamental law in the way people participate in mountain sports. The built environment does little to encourage users to interact with each other, with nature, and with the greater network of mountain sport communities. This issue arises from the lack of interpersonal connections and causes athletes and enthusiasts alike to ignore why they participate in mountain sports: the thrill of experiencing such extreme terrain.

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    At multiple sites on Snowmass Mountain, huts or complexes of huts will provide refuge, solitude, community, and reprieve to all types of users so as to reengage them with the landscape, their peers, and their sport. These interventions break the repetitive actions of mountain sport participants and help them discover the roots of their passion again. While this may seem like an insurmountable hurdle, most mountain sport participants are willing to travel to gain access to their mountain of choice.

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    Successful engagement is other 3. Allowing no one to go with There is room to grow, 0. This means Snowmass can move forward instead of having to rectify the past, and now can make progress and deine new paths for mountain resorts and their relationships to the environment. Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands, and Buttermilk are all located within reach of the town of Aspen itself.

    Snowmass is the ideal candidate for research and intervention of this scale because of its well established history in the mountain resort culture, its success as a forefront in resort design, and as an advocate for environmental issues. Since its inception, Snowmass has done things differently from other large mountain resorts. Vail, for example, founded in the same time frame, focused on master planning of a resort complex in the basin below the mountain, while Snowmass incorporated the village and amenities directly into the mountainside so as to create a better low from living room to trails.

    Alas, the concepts were excellent in the planning of Snowmass Village, but the execution left much to be desired. This project aims to ill the gaps left behind in those designs, correcting the connections to the mountain from base to summit. There are already guidelines in place to help move Snowmass Village forward. In this case the mall and the base village are the nodes to be connected.

    The magic of gliding down the snow, pausing at interesting points on the mountain and gazing at the wondrous vistas before oneself are far and few between. The restaurants, cafeterias and shops now on the mountain do not help in this effect.

    Not so skin deep: vernacularism in XL

    They are boring and overpriced tourist traps for people who forgot to pack a lunch. Instead of encouraging participants of any mountain sport to unstrap their boots, unclip their helmets, and put down their equipment to grab a drink, they fade into the background until a starving tourist has to stop in to by a ive dollar granola bar. These stops should be celebrations of the terrain they perch upon, opening up view frames for everyone to fall back in love with the landscape they chose to enjoy. Corporate ski companies take the personal level of interaction between users and between the environment out of the equation.

    They design for the poshest of hotel rooms, the most lodging packed on the slopes, and for eye catching ways for people to spend money. If these large companies market themselves towards spreading awareness of more mountain activities all year round, they can increase their overall sales instead of trying to overcrowd the trails. Bottling up mountain access and congesting trails through large lodges at the main junction points of the mountain work directly against the desires of the patrons. To help facilitate a connection between the desired outdoors and sport participants on the mountain, the architectural interventions of this project are located on sites where current lodges or structures need supporting elements to provide a full mountain experience, or are located in isolation — away from the beaten path — so as to further encourage mountain sport participants an opportunity to pause and appreciate their surroundings.

    Striving to create a psychological and emotional connection to the mountain is an architectural goal of this project. The interventions impact users by inluencing their emotions into positive ones valuing not only their activity, but the people and environment they participate within.

    The United State Forest Service, unlike national parks, allows for using these lands in conjunction with protecting habitats and wildlife. The Aspen Ski Company places paramount importance on protecting ecosystems. For example, there are permanently closed areas on mountain reserved for lynx hibernation zones and elk calving areas. Logistics behind such a large scale design endeavor may become dificult to work around. The perception of Snowmass Mountain to the public, users, and industry all revolve around its architectural link with the terrain.

    Thesis-Year Snapshots 2017

    To what extent does the environment impact design? Will this design be architecture of conservation or preservation? Can the village image be maintained across such a large distance? Should links between site elements be physical or visual? What is deined as natural?